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Moonsilver Cloak

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Drow Expansion Pack - Imgur
Drow in the Aboleth City
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Elnofae, winged player race inspired by the Dark Fae : DnDHomebrew

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Pirate Assult Bat-Mount by HOLYSHOLYS on DeviantArt
Creature Mount - Giant Bat by Hirooyuuki on DeviantArt
sketch- bat dragon by Pertheseus on DeviantArt

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Mushroom forest.

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Hornschroeter baking in the sun by flaketom

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Those who dwell below
Hornschroeter baking in the sun by flaketom Croquis, Fighting Robots, Robot Concept Art, Weapon Concept Art, War Machine, Sci Fi Art, Armor Concept, Robot Art
Hornschroeter baking in the sun by flaketom on DeviantArt
Hornschroeter baking in the sun by flaketom
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SHADOWBORN'S SECOND SKIN Rare Leather Armor (Medium) requires attunement AC: 12 Dexterity modifier) Shadow Stalker: When attuned to this armor you gain a +2 bonus on any Dexterity (Stealth) checks you make. When you are in dim light or darkness this bonus becomes +4 Swift as Nightfall: As a bonus action you can cast Misty Step using this armor. In a flash of darkness you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space that you can see. You can use this feature once per day. - iFunny
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Darkened Cloak of Elvenkind Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement) While you wear this cloak wth its haad up, Wiedam [Perception) {and checks mace to see you have disadvantage, checks {and you have advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks you. 'made to hie, asthe up cloaks color or down shits requires to an camoutiage you. Paling the hood up or down requites an ation "Upgrades Trigger: The wearer not attacks 10 different they are enemles using the that did not see them while they are using the hood. Asan action you may use the doak Once to cast Greater has targeting yoursel. Once this ability has been sd, it cart Be used again next dan, 'Trigger: The wearer succeeds on 10 Dexterity (stealth) checks to evade detection outside of combat. Asan action you may use the doakto cast Pass Whnouta Trace. Once this ability has been used, Icant bbeused again until next dawn, 'rigger: The wearer has unlocked both previous five times abllities and used each the one usage atleast upon five times (current charges reflect the usage upon transtormation) Wondrous tem very rare (requires attunement) The cloak has charges While you and wear regains this cloak charges with ts dally at dawn, While you wear this cloak with ts up you may use an action to expend or more charges and perform Trace one ofthe cast following: Darkness Cast and Pass gain Without Trace (1 charge, Cast Darkness and gain the abiy to see normally inside that spells area forthe duration (2 'harges) Cast Greater targeting yourset charges Itypu lower your hood the spell wil end prematurely - iFunny
Moonsilver Cloak Fantasy Role Playing
Moonsilver Cloak
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Swordtember Part 3, Christian Lally
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A Place for Dungeons & Dragons — This is pretty late in the night to be posting...
Cave City Fantasy Art, Fantasy City, Underground Cities, Cave City
Cave town by IIDanmrak on DeviantArt
Concept Art, Fantasy Setting
Deepstrike Mines Art - Rift Art Gallery
Deepstrike Mines Art - Rift Art Gallery
Magic City, Dwarven City, Dwarf City Concept Art
Crystal City of Dwarves, Valery Sazonov
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