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a wooden planter box with plants in it and instructions on how to build it
Modern elevated garden bed
Learn how to make this Modern planter box with an easy to follow DIY video. Made of cedar and pine. Plans are also available. #planter #planterboxes #diy #cedar
Let’s 3D Print a Dungeon!
We play a lot of D&D and have been making our own dungeon tiles and terrain for a while now. Thought it would be fun to show how we do it and try to demystify the process a bit. Check out the full video to learn how you can do this too!
a mason jar with the words solar powered spooky hanging light on it next to a spider web
How to make DIY Solar-powered Halloween Lights
Easy DIY Halloween Decor project that will make your yard look AWESOME! These spooky hanging Halloween lights are solar-powered and cost less than $5 to make. They are made from mason jars, solar-powered pathway lights, and spooky Halloween cloth. These are great and easy DIY project to improve your Halloween Decor and start getting ready for the season! #halloweenlights #diy #outdoor #indoor #decor #decorations #halloween
a wooden wine box with two bottles in it and the words diy how to make a wedding wine box
How to make a Wedding Wine Box
Learn how to make a beautiful hand-made wine box for your wedding ceremony! See how we created this DIY wine box and add a personalized touch to your wine box ceremony at your wedding. #winebox #wedding #homedecor #woodworking
a neon sign that says how to make a glowing led skull face on a brick wall
How to make a Backlit LED Sign
Learn how to make a DIY backlit LED sign with wood, leds, and an Arduino! This DIY woodworking and tech tutorial shows you how to make a modern lighted sign for your shop or home decor. #woodworking #led #diy #sign #arduino #tech #neon
wooden blocks with letters and a stuffed animal sitting on top of one block that says, diy giant alphabet blocks add a custom touch to your baby's nursery
How to make Giant Alphabet Blocks with the X-Carve
Add a custom touch to your baby's nursery with these DIY giant alphabet blocks! Customize with letters, numbers, shapes, animals...anything your kiddos enjoy! :) This DIY woodworking tutorial shows you how you can make these yourself for your home.
how to make a skull tiki torch
How to make Halloween Skull Tiki Torches
Learn how to take a simple plastic skull from the box store and easily turn into a DIY Halloween tiki torch skull! This is a simple and easy DIY Halloween Decor project that you can do yourself and with the kids.
a woman kneeling next to a longboard with the words how to make a longboard on it
How to make a DIY Longboard
How to make a DIY Longboard! Learn how to use basic woodworking skills to create an amazing homemade longboard in this DIY woodworking tutorial. We used the X-Carve CNC to engrave artwork onto the bottom of the longboard.
a man holding a baby in his arms and wearing a costume with the words, how to make a baby renaissancee fair costume
Wicked Makers
Learn how easy it is to make a DIY baby costume for the Renaissance Faire, Halloween, or any event where you need to dress your kiddo up like a pirate! You can make this in about an hour with materials you probably have at home already.
a wooden dice tower with the words how to make your own dice tower
Wicked Makers
Learn how to make this awesome Dice Tower to bring your tabletop gaming / DnD dice rolling game to the next level. If you're a woodworker, you'll definitely enjoy this DIY Dice Tower tutorial, and if you're not into woodworking it's still a lot of fun to watch.