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Bird feeders come in different styles designed to hold certain types of bird seed to attract specific species of wild birds. Setting your bird buffet table with an array of different feeders will draw a variety of wild birds to your backyard for exciting bird watching.

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Fly Thru Feeders Birds Love
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Fly Thru Feeders Birds Love

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Want to learn to build some bird feeders? Here you'll find some free DIY bird feeder plans. We share some tips and ideas building them. Once they are built you can fill them with bird food, put them in your backyard garden, and start attracting more wild birds.

DIY Feeder Plans Birds Love

Free bird feeder plans to give a big boost to bird feeding that are easy to follow. Watching birds at a homemade feeder brings extra delight and satisfaction.

Before you buy a tube feeder, make sure you get all the right information. Here we share what the best tube feeders are, what the best choice of bird food is for a tube feeder, what types of bird species can you expect to visit, and what some common problems are with tube feeders. These can be great bird feeder choice and attract some beautiful birds to your backyard.

What To Know About Tube Feeders

Hummingbird food keeps birds safe when mixed properly with the right ingredients and refreshed often with clean feeders. Learn how to make it right here.

You may not be getting the most out of your bird feeder if it's not in the right location. Here we help you identify some great places to put your feeder in your backyard garden. Places where wild birds can find it, be safe from predators, and free from the elements. Start attracting more birds while keeping them safe.

Tips For Bird Feeder Placement Locations

Where should you place your bird feeder? We are completely new to bird feeding, but we have a wonderful opportunity to do so in our new home. Best place?

You've seen a thistle feeder and perhaps even own one, but do you know all there is to know about a thistle feeder? Here discuss what the best type of thistle feeder is, what the best bird food for these types of feeders are, and what some of the potential problems are for thistle feeders.

What To Know About Thistle Feeders

Thistle feeders or nyjer feeders, make a great addition to any backyard because of their amazing power to attract Gold Finches and other small songbirds.

Have Mourning Doves taken over you platform feeder? Try adding a roof to your platform feeder. This will discourage the Mourning Doves visiting while still inviting large birds like Bluejays and red Cardinals to come eat at the feeder. Visit the blog post to learn how to use wire fencing to keep Mourning Doves away from your platform feeding station. These tips will help you attract different bird species to your backyard.

Prevent Mourning Doves from Taking Over the Bird Feeder

Doves, Schmoves! I have the blackbirds under control, but how about the Doves? How do I keep the doves away from my bird feeder.

A platform bird feeder is a good type of bird feeder to use because of its tray-like design. The flat surface of a tray feeder, or platform feeder, makes it incredibly easy for birds to land on and fly away from. Also called fly thru feeders, they can be hung, mounted, or placed on a post. To protect visiting birds, like Thrushes, it’s also important to install a solid top, so they will be shielded from wild predators flying above.

Why Use a Platform Feeder? What Birds to Expect?

Platform Feeders Table, Tray, or Fly Thru Feeders Are My Favourites! 1. General Review See my top recommendations with gold star ratings further down. Platform feeders are often referred to as tray feeders, table feeders or fly thru feeders. Well Made Platform Feeders Create “Feeding Frenzys” Many birds love this type of feeder because they ... Read more

The name Hummingbird feeder will lead anyone to think that this specific bird feeder is made with the sole purpose of attracting Hummingbirds. This is true most of the time, but it is important to note that there are other bird species that will enjoy drinking sugar water nectar from your backyard Hummingbird feeder. Birds like golden Orioles, white-tailed Nuthatches, and yellow Warblers are all birds who will enjoy drinking your diy homemade Hummingbird food.

Will Other Birds Drink from Hummingbird Feeders?

Hummingbird Feeder Why Hummingbird Feeders are So Popular? Hummingbird feeding products with gold star ratings on this page. Hummingbird Feeder Attracts “Flying Jewels” A hummingbird feeder can be one of the most rewarding wild bird feeders to have in a backyard for bird watching. The rewards far out weigh the effort. There is ... Read more

The term ground feeder can sometimes be misleading. To ground feed does not simply mean that you spread bird seed out on the ground. A ground bird feeder can also refer to a flat structure that is at least one foot off the ground. Structured ground bird feeders help the seed from blowing away and it also provides the feeding birds with protection from other wild predators like Hawks.

Why Use a Ground Bird Feeder?

Ground Bird Feeder Will Attract Cardinals Too 1. General Ground Bird Feeder Review A ground bird feeder can be simply a patch of ground scattered with seed. The area should be open and visible to the birds, so they will be attracted to it. The ground itself will serve best for this purpose if it ... Read more

Winter brings the cold sweater weather that so many people love, but for our wild bird friends this means there is a lack of available food sources. To help the birds keep warm and cozy, we should put bird feeding stations in our backyards! Bird feeders will help supplement the birds’ diet during the winter months and it will help fuel them to keep warm. Find out more about feeding birds in the winter when you read our blog!

Tips for Feeding Birds in the Winter

Get some tips for attracting and feeding wild birds in winter. Bird feeding in the winter is greatly appreciated by the birds and helps more than you know.

If you plan to place bird feeders in your back yard, then you have a responsibility to the wild birds to keep it clean. Keeping the bird house clean will help limit the transmission of disease and it will also keep your birds happy and coming back for more! If you are a new birder, then cleaning your new bird feeding station might seem like an overwhelming task. Check out our 5 simple tips for cleaning a bird feeder.

Tips for Cleaning A Bird Feeder

How to clean bird feeders, how often and what tools to use when cleaning feeders, are questions asked often. Find the 5 steps to cleaning bird feeders here.

When you place tube feeder in your backyard, you can expect to find small flying visitors like pretty songbirds. The tube feeder is not suited for blackbirds, which are usually unwanted by most birders. This type of feeder comes in a variety of styles and with a number of features that are very likely to attract some beautiful birds to your backyard or garden. You are sure to enjoy your yard landscape even more when you incorporate a tube feeder!

What Types of Birds Can I Expect At A Tube Feeder?

Hummingbird food keeps birds safe when mixed properly with the right ingredients and refreshed often with clean feeders. Learn how to make it right here.

After purchasing a new bird feeder, people often wonder, “Well now what?” Hang it or place it in your backyard to enjoy! Check out these placement tips that will help you find the best place to put your new bird feeder! It is a good idea to place your bird feeder close to a tree to help the birds quickly retreat from predators, but beware of squirrels! You should also place your suet feeder, or tube feeder, in a place that is easily accessible to you so you can fill it and clean it as…

Best Bird Feeder Placement Ideas

Where should you place your bird feeder? We are completely new to bird feeding, but we have a wonderful opportunity to do so in our new home. Best place?

Sometimes attracting the right type of birds to your backyard or garden can take a little bit of trial and error. The first step to solving this problem is to identify your issue. Do you have animals other than birds visiting the bird feeding station, like a red or a gray squirrel? Are you seeing more blackbirds because of the type of feeder you’re using? Maybe a tube feeder or a suet bird cake recipe is your solution!

Common Bird Feeder Problems And How To Fix Them

Bird feeding problems can be hair raising at times. Find tips here for solving backyard bird feeding problems that will come up from time to time.

The Nyjer bird feeder, also known as a Thistle feeder, is typically a tube shaped feeder station that can be hung in a birder’s backyard. The tube is the most common shape, but Thistle Feeders also come in the form of a sock feeder, which is made of mesh. Although this type of bird feeder is best for attracting Goldfinches, there are a couple of problems with this bird feeder style.  When you read our blog, you’ll find out what to expect from the Nyjer bird feeder.

What Birds Can I Expect At My Thistle Feeder?

Thistle feeders or nyjer feeders, make a great addition to any backyard because of their amazing power to attract Gold Finches and other small songbirds.

Moving is a stressful time. There is packing to do and checklists to be made. It’s overwhelming, and for a bird watcher, there is the added stress determining what to do about the wild birds who fly to their backyard each day to feed on the bird seed from their bird feeding station. Birders, don’t stress too much because your birds’ survival instincts will kick-in and they will fly elsewhere for food; however, there are a few things you can do with your feeding stations to ease the…

How to Stop Feeding Birds Prior to Moving

If you are moving and are curious on the best way to stop feeding your birds, check out these tips. Stopping feeding should be done the right way and not

You can get the most out of your wild bird feeder this fall by simply leaving it out! Autumn is a great time to sit in your backyard and enjoy the crisp fall air while you watch the red and orange leaves fall and the birds fly to your feeder! Autumn is the time of year that birds need your feeder the most because they are gearing up for migration. Make the trip easier for your beautiful bird friends by keeping your feeding stations stocked with wild bird seed!

How to Get the Most Out of Fall Bird Feeding

Should you or shouldn't you feed wild birds in the autumn season? There is speculation that feeding could cause birds not to migrate. Is it true?