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What is Malolactic Fermentation? In short: it’s what causes the buttery taste in white wine!
A special kind of bacteria called *Oenococcus oeni* (along with a few other *Lactobacillus* strains) eat malic acid in wine and poop out lactic acid. Yum! The result is a wine with a creamy, almost oil-like texture on the middle of your tongue, that adds a marvelous, velvety texture to the wine. Thank you, lil’ guys! Exploring and learning about wine is an adventure. If you’re looking for a fun, modern & convenient way to learn about wine – Check out Wine Folly Courses!
the different types of wine glasses with names and colors in each one, including red
Is Green Wine Really Green?
Beyond the use of artificial colorings, can red and white grapes be made into wine of other colors?
the wine list is shown in this image
Discover New Wines with Nifty Infographics
Using pricing data from wine-searcher pro, matched with Wine Folly’s system of categorizing wines by style, I created four infographics that will help you find new wines to try. “With over 1,000 wine varieties in the world, it’s time to try something other than Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.”
the world's wine regions are labeled in green and blue, with white arrows pointing to
Where Did Wine Come From? The True Origin of Wine
Where did wine come from? It wasn’t France. Nor was it Italy. Vitis vinifera, also known as “the common wine grape,” has an unexpected homeland! Let’s dive into the origin of wine.
several different types of wine are shown on the shelves in this graphic above it is an image of various bottles of wine
9 “Serious” Sweet Wines You Must Try
Exploring the world of fine wine is tricky if you have a sweet tooth, as the most familiar and “serious” wines aren’t necessarily sweet. Historically speaking, though, sweet wines were once the most coveted style of wine in all the world. No really, it’s true! Your love for sweet wine has just been validated.
a wine glass and bottle with different wines in it, labeled on the bottom right side
Red Wine vs White Wine: The Real Differences
The differences between red and white wines go far beyond just the choice of grapes and the color. Here are several fascinating facts about the real differences between red and white wines.
three bottles of wine with the words 3 useful tips for reading wine labels on them
3 Useful Tips for Reading Wine Labels
Once you know these tricks, you won’t be frustrated by a restaurant wine list ever again. Here are 3 tips on how to tackle wine labels.
two glasses of wine with the words 12 red wine fact that'll blow your mind
12 Cool Facts about Red Wine
Here are 12 facts that will completely change the way you think about red wine.
wine blenders with different types of grapes in them and the words, wine blending why certain grapes are blended
Wine Blending - Why Certain Grapes Are Blended | Wine Folly
A winemaker has the opportunity to create an amazing flavor profile by blending wines from different barrels, vineyard plots, or grape varieties. We can learn more about modern blends by looking at several classic regions that specialize in wine blending.
a poster with different types of vases on it's sides and the words decante
Decanting Times! A Handy Guide For Best Practices | Wine Folly
The simple act of pouring wine and allowing it some “air time” actually improves the taste. But, how long should you wait? And, does wine go bad if decanted too long? So… how long does it take to decant wine?
three bottles of wine are shown in this diagram
Exploring The Styles of Vermouth | Wine Folly
Vermouth 101 -
four wine glasses with different types of wine in them and the words exploring rose on each glass
The 4 Dry Rosé Wine Varieties to Know (and Love) | Wine Folly
Exploring rosé! Here are 4 varieties that are popular to use in rosé wine!
two pictures with different types of trees in the middle one has an old vine vines on it
Why Old Vine Wines Are So Special | Wine Folly
What is it about old vine wines that’s so special? Let’s explore some of the theories about aging vineyards and why they’re so rare.
an info sheet showing the different types of cans
Put Down The White Claw, Try One Of These Canned Wines | Wine Folly
Looking for the perfect summer wine? Grab a can. We’re exploring some of our go-to canned wines and why they make the perfect beach bag and camping pack accessory. Cans aren’t just for beer and soda anymore. Canned wine is making a name for itself. Besides being convenient and affordable, cans offer a fun and easy approach to wine: something even serious wine lovers can get behind.
the different types of grapes are labeled in this diagram, which shows what they look like
Stemmy Wines? Let's Talk Whole Cluster Fermentation! | Wine Folly
We hear about whole cluster fermentation more and more each year. Perhaps you’ve also heard how they can taste “stemmy.” So, why is whole cluster so popular and how does it affect the quality of wine?