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the french wine online course is being used to learn how to drink and enjoy it
French Wine Course
Improve your knowledge of French wine with this hands-on course. A 4-part course where you learn from award-winning author, Madeline Puckette, and Master of Wine, Christine Marsiglio. The real test of your knowledge is real world experience. So, for the final piece of this course, you’ll be creating your own curated selection of French wines. It’s a final project that ties together everything you’ve learned online with what’s out there in your market. #FrenchWineCourse #FrenchWine
the wine sommelierr levels and what they mean infographical poster with text
Wine Sommelier Levels and What They Mean | Wine Folly
Taking your wine education to the next level? Know where to start. Here’s a breakdown of wine sommelier levels and what they really mean.
a woman sitting at a table with wine bottles in front of her and the text guide to online wine courses free & paid
Guide to Online Wine Courses (Free & Paid) | Wine Folly
Whether you work in wine or just want to refine your knowledge, online wine courses are a great way to build your foundation. Also, you get a wine education in the comfort of your own home!
a man in an orange jacket is talking on his cell phone
Started at Moscato, Now We Here... (cue the melody) | Wine Folly
Many of us experience challenges taking those first steps into wine. For Tahiirah Habibi those challenges felt exacerbated by a subtle-yet-consistently unwelcoming wine culture. So, what’s it like to be a Black professional in wine? And, what can we do to make wine more welcoming?
an image of wine bottles labeled in different colors and sizes with the words nine points below them
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Case of Wine | Wine Folly
Wine 101 Guide - Happy #NationalWineDay! Happy #NationalWineDay! Whether you're in the wine industry or have just been meaning to get more into wine, we're here to help out. Our Wine 101 guide is a great resource that can help you get started or round out your knowledge. Cheers!
how to become a sommeliern in 3 steps infographical poster with instructions
How to Become a Sommelier | Wine Folly
What Does It Take To Be A Sommelier?