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the virginia wine map is shown in black and white, with red lettering on it
The Perfect Guide to Virginia Wine
Though Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies, its wine history really only started taking off in the late 1970s. Now it’s on an exponential trajectory towards greatness, making it one of the fastest growing wine regions in America. Today it’s best known for Bordeaux Style Blends, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Viognier. For more info Check out the latest Wine Folly mini guide to Virginia wine
Conegliano Valdobbiadene Wine Region Guide
Time to learn about Sparkling Italian Wines from Conegliano Valdobbiadene in Wine Folly’s 10th Region Guide – the FIRST comprehensive digital guide to Prosecco Superiore!
Margaret River Wine Region Guide – Australia
Discover amazing wines from one of the most remote wine regions on earth! Wine Folly just launched the Margaret River Region Guide. Margaret River makes some of Australia’s finest wines. We hope the Margaret River Region Guide offers a comprehensive exploration of the region so you can discover your next favorite winery. Check it out!
Margaret River Wine
Wine guide
Wine region guide
Australia wine
Margaret River Australia
Margaret River Wine Region Guide
Discover amazing wines from one of the most remote wine regions on earth! Wine Folly just launched the Margaret River Region Guide. Margaret River makes some of Australia’s finest wines. Fun facts about Margaret River - The area under vine is 14,400 acres (5,840 hectares). - Cabernet Sauvignon is the most planted grape variety. - Margaret River is home to 200 wine producers. We hope the Margaret River Region Guide offers a comprehensive exploration of the region!
the sign for sigly wine country with a boat in the water and buildings in the background
Sicily Wine Country Guide
Sicily is the crossroads of the Mediterranean with a winemaking history going back 3000 years. With over 65 native wine varieties, Sicily makes flavors that can only be found on this island.
the white wines of germany and their origins in winemaking infographical poster
Guide to German White Wine
Germany take its white wines very seriously. We know this because white wines make up over 65% of the country’s vineyards. Germany’s cooler climate produces white wines with lean, laser-focused fruit flavors and heightened acidity. What makes German white wines so compelling is their ability to age a long time.
a bottle of wine that is labeled with the names of its wines and their ingredients
Serious Sweets: Sauternes Wine Guide
Sauternes represents the sweeter side of Bordeaux and is made from the region’s rare white grapes. Built on the thin-skins of Sémillon with a bit of bright acidity, generously donated by Sauvignon Blanc, Sauternes (and Barsac) make exceptional dessert wines that share a particular affinity for oak and will age for several decades.
the less known north coast region is wine
The Lesser Known North Coast California Wine Regions
Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley are amazing regions to visit when you want to experience the glitter and glam of California’s wine country. However, if you’re passionate about the grapes, the dirt, and the reality of wine growing, there are a few other places within the North Coast that you need to have on your radar as well. Not only do these regions have true grit, they also produce incredible wines that can easily rival their star-studded neighbors.
a map with the words, understanding napa valley wine in purple and orange
Understanding Napa Wine
Had it not been for the overambitious visions of just a few individuals, Napa Valley might have never become one of the most important wine regions in the world. When Napa Valley was a fledgling wine region, America’s obsession for Bordeaux wines was feverishly high. At the time, Jackie Onassis was known to sip Château Haut-Brion Blanc in the White House. Napa’s vintners no doubt observed Bordeaux’s success and looked to the region for inspiration.
a map showing the locations of wineries in rural areas and on - site wines
The Wines of Rueda, Spain
Your internationally travelled friends will never come back with stories of Rueda. It’s a place where few outsiders will venture, even if the region produces some of the most amazing wines, along with a plethora of exotic agricultural products (look up Piñones Reales–Spanish pine nuts and raw sheep’s milk cheese, Queso Zamorano). The region is patchwork of vineyards on the flat high plains south of Valladolid, that’s home to a rare indigenous white grape called Verdejo (“vurr-day-ho”).
the wine label for bordeaux is shown in front of an image of a farm field
Bordeaux Wine Region Guide | Wine Folly
Bordeaux might be the most legendary region in France, with countless wines, wineries, and traditions. And now we're bringing that legend to your fingertips. In this guide, you'll learn: - The hundreds of different wines and wineries represented in Bordeaux - The makeup of some of the most popular wine blends in the world - The terroir that makes Bordeaux's many subregions legendary This is the largest, most comprehensive guide to Bordeaux on the internet.
the wines of lazio in front of a map with an orange tag on it
The Wines of Lazio
Even though Rome has a history of winemaking since before the Romans, Lazio (or Latium, as it’s also called), has more recently been considered the doldrums of wine. During the last century, the major grapes, including Trebbiano and Malvasia, were overcropped to produce boring, sweet white wines. That is, until recently!
a map of the wine region of chilan cabernet and its surrounding areas
The Cabernet of Chile
The Chilean economy boomed in the 1990s. The government was transitioning back to a democracy and this gave wineries greater opportunity to export to Europe and the United States. The wines created a stir internationally due to their great potential for quality and good value. Seizing the opportunity, larger US and French wineries rushed to set up operations in Chile, creating shiny new wineries and buying up vineyards.
the wine map shows different types of wines in each region, and how they are used
The Mosel Valley Wine Guide
Choose wines with skill from the Mosel Valley and learn why this region has been considered the best place for Riesling in the world.
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An Overview of Mexican Wine Country
Believe it or not, Mexico makes wine too! The first vineyards in North America were planted in Mexico. Here’s a little overview of what’s to know about modern Mexican wine country.