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Wine UnPacked, Episode 1
Today we’re proud to unveil a brand new series from Wine Folly: Wine UnPacked. In Wine UnPacked we explore wines from all around the world, sent to us by awesome wineries. Today, Madeline’s tasting three wines from DiGiovanna Wine, and she’s covering some exciting ground! Click below for the full episode! #italianwine #wineshow #winetasting #winetastings #winefolly #winesofitaly #unboxing
Missouri Chambourcin!
Ready for some Missouri Chambourcin? Let's see how Madeline liked it... Want more informative videos on tastings, regions, and a whole lot more? Make sure you check out our YouTube page.
a woman standing in front of a whiteboard with grapes on it and the words, what is wine?
What is Wine?
Explore the fundamentals of wine in the first segment of the Learn Wine Video Series. What’s more, you’ll be surprised to discover a few details that most wine lovers don’t know!
a woman holding a glass of wine in her right hand and an image of a bottle of wine on the left
What is Wine?
What’s inside your glass of wine, scientifically speaking? In this episode you’ll find out why wine has sulfites and how each compound class contributes to wine’s unique acquired taste.
the cover of how to taste wine, with three people sitting at a table talking
How To Taste Wine
Learn wine tasting secrets used by sommeliers, wine buyers, and critics. Find out what you’ve been missing in every glass of wine you drink.
two bottles of wine sitting next to each other on top of a carpeted floor
How To Read a Wine Label
Stop trying to memorize labels. There’s a better way! Did you know that there are over one hundred thousand new wines and new vintages that are released by the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau – each year? Knowing this fact might make you rethink your strategy of memorize labels.
a wine tasting schedule with the words sweetness in wine
Sweetness in Wine
Surprising facts about wine sweetness you don’t want to miss!
a bar chart with the words what are wine tannings? and an image of a
What Are Wine Tannins?
Unveil the mysteries of wine tannins. You’ll never drink wine the same way again!
two bottles of wine with the words open, decant, serve and store wine
Open, Decant, Serve, and Store Wine
Why do it wrong when you can do it right? Here are the basics to wine service, along with tips on how to store wine. Change the way you drink (for the better!).
the wine retail info sheet is shown with different types of wines and their names on it
Wine Retail Rant (Why Grocery Store Wines Are Rigged) | Wine Folly
We go to the grocery store. We buy wine. And then we wonder why we don’t like it. I hate to say it, but wine retail is rigged. Big box wine retail is a tricky business. It runs on Prohibition-Era policies that ultimately gouge the wine consumer, hurt independent wineries, and even hurt small retailers.
an advertisement for wine bottles with the words champagne vs cava how to save money and drink better
Champagne vs. Cava (How To Save Money & Drink Better) | Wine Folly
Taste the difference between Champagne and Cava (and other high quality sparkling wines). You can use these clues to find great quality sparkling wines made from around the world (and for better prices than those exclusively from Champagne!) For those who love sparkling wines, you’re not going to want to miss this.
an ad for wine store showing two women and one is holding a glass of wine
Grocery Store Wine Showdown (Cabernet Under $20) | Wine Folly
Is There Such Thing as Good Cabernet Under $20? It’s the ultimate question. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, everyone wants great wine at a great price. So, I put the grocery store selection to the test and picked out three Cabernet Sauvignon wines and analyzed them. Here’s what I learned:
two bottles of wine sitting on top of a table next to each other with the words cheap vs expensive wine taste test $ 7 75
Cheap vs Expensive Wine Taste Test ($7 vs $75) | Wine Folly
What are the real differences between a $7 wine and a $75 wine? This cheap vs expensive wine taste test delivers some sweet berry knowledge that’s going to change how you shop.
two bottles of wine with the words oregon vs burgundy and pinot noir on them
Oregon vs Burgundy Pinot Noir (Video Tasting) | Wine Folly
An “easy” blind tasting turns out to be harder than we expected. Learn more about the real differences between Oregon and Burgundy Pinot Noir.
two bottles of wine sitting next to each other on top of a table with the words diy new zealand vs napa sauvignon blanc video
Make Your Own Blind Tasting: Cool vs Warm Climate Wine | Wine Folly
Sauvignon Blanc grows all over the world. In fact, if you look at the numbers, Sauvignon Blanc ranks as one of the top 10 most planted grape varieties in the world (and third-most planted white grape after Chardonnay and Airén). With such diversity of growing locales, Sauvignon Blanc has many different expressions. So, one thing you can do to really wrap your brain around this wine is to create your own comparative tasting.