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Machine stitching hexies so they look nice with decorative stitches!
Sewing hexies on with the machine can save so much time on your project and you get that nice decorative look at the same time. Layer the back with batting and pin the hexies on to hold them in place (some minor adjustments may need to be made as you go). Then I choose the decorative stitch I like, and start sewing them on! You can back stitch a couple of stitches before moving onto a new spot, to hold the ends securely. .
Quilting Square | Quilting Tecniques | Dont Waste Scrap Fabric
a close up of a quilt on the ground near a couch and chair in a room
The Modern Wedding Ring pattern
a close up of a piece of fabric with squares and flowers on it in yellow, black and white
7 Stunningly Simple Quilt Block Tutorials
7 Stunningly Simple Quilt Block Tutorials
the finished nine patch quilt pattern is shown in blue and white, with text overlay
Tilted Nine Patch Quilt | Missouri Star Blog
Tilted Nine Patch Quilt – Missouri Star Blog
a woman standing in front of a building holding up a large purple and green quilt
Sparkle Plenty in Purple and Green
a red and white patchwork quilt with squares on the bottom, one block in the middle
Patchwork of the Crosses
Little Quilts Blog: Patchwork of the Crosses
the book is open to show how to sew
Laborcitas 2016.
the block is made up of pink and red squares
Moda Blockheads 3 Blooming Love by Robin Pickens