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7 Charming DIY Wedding Decor Ideas We Love

~Black lace candle holder~ (I would use a small tea-light instead of a tall one. That way the lace wouldn't catch fire.

Angela Lace

This week I've been busy with this bed throw. I used soft velvet and many layers of lace. Velvet ribbons and satin ribbons.

Angela Lace

Today we finished this amazing baby-bed. It is round and covered with silk and French lace. I enjoyed making this bed, this is m.

would make it bigger so that baby can grow into it. makes it a long term love then a few months/ weeks love.

Making one of these for sure! This is a great idea! A pillow case remade.perfect for traveling and naps. Good idea for a baby shower:-) and it so cute! *are you kidding me? I need one of these. That's what sleeping bags are for though huh?

Angela Lace

This week I was busy making a bedroom set to welcome a new baby girl. These are still my favorite colours, Ivory and rose.

www.jilster.de Sooo süß! Sleeping bag, by Baby Bites

Orca Sleeping Bag by Baby Bites A cool navy blue sleeping bag for babies. Baby bites sleeping bags are hand-made form very soft and high qu.