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This is so satisfying.

I found this and I sorta watched it and really though. Like for once I was able to sort out my thoughts for the time being.


Crescent-shaped pirashki pastries perfectly formed little knots with characteristic trident embellishment cut from one circle of dough

APPLE ROSES!!!!.....These look so impressive.. and they are super easy to make!!!!!!!

Um everythings coming up rose apples? Genius snack dessert pretty enough to bring to a party! Or use them as a cake decoration. See How You Can Bring Edible Roses To Your Table - Healthy And Tasty!

When to plant your vegetable garden.... When to plant what? Time to get started!

When to plant your vegetable garden. When to plant what? (when to start seeds indoors and when to transplant them outdoors).

Parents aren't allowed to spank so they have to get creative.

That's awesome! My husband was like heck yeah I will do that to our kids. Wear that shirt too, "oh u like short shorts so do I. c'mon kids we're movies" oh how I love my husband.

The Greatest Love Story Of All Time. Simple, but I love it.

It's a love story. Hardly a tragedy. I'll always remember that. I wish the past me came across this before But maybe reincarnation is death giving back