Hip To Be Square Jacket / Hiptåværefirkantajakke pattern by Strikkelisa

Yazlık şemalı merserize örgü kazak modeli

Cheap Leisure Loose Round Neck Argyle Hollow Sweaters For Big Sale!Leisure Loose Round Neck Argyle Hollow Sweaters is made by the soft and comfortable knit cotton blended fabric.


May 2014 - Final pics. I’m afraid the pics aren’t that great but I think they will do for now. The final garment is “very” roomy. I’m afraid to block it for fear t.

Buttony Sweater Feuilles d'Automne from lady Colori. Unfortunately for me, this is in French.

Buttony Sweater Feuilles d'Automne - Lady Colori

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Patron Crochet Chaleco Simple - Make 2 and join at shoulders and back, looks like would be easy to scale down

Шикарный жакетик, интересно связан. Описание его, правда, платное, продается на Этси. Я нашла его в блоге CONCEPTcreative.

This elegant jacket was made with a simple combination of geometric figures: triangle and diagonals. I was asked to make detailed instructions for it after it was published in Ravelry: A…

Спицами блуза в полоску с рукавом летучая мышь фото к описанию

Спицами блуза в полоску с рукавом летучая мышь фото к описанию

Zdroj pinu Red Heart Yarns

The Big Comfy Sweater is the perfect pattern if you& looking for an easy-going knit wearable. The laid back style is great for layering or for popping on with pants, leggings, or jeans. You& love the smooth texture and easy wash ability.