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the fabric has been stitched together with different colors
The colors in this quilt by @easypatchwork are perfect. #southernfabric #quilting #sewing #quiltsofinstagram #quiltingismytherapy
a colorful flower is drawn on a blue t - shirt with white thread in the center
Camiseta marino aplicaciones tela
Camiseta marino aplicaciones tela [2]
three different pictures of flowers and leaves on a quilted surface, one is green, the other is pink
いいね!195件、コメント6件 ― moanaさん(@moanalani_nalu)のInstagramアカウント: 「ティアレのポーチ♪ 春らしいベースにしてみました裏はモンステラ・プルメリア♪キルティング終わりました #ハワイアンキルト#ティアレ#プルメリア#モンステラ#キルティング#ポーチ#ハワイアン」
a patchwork quilt on the grass with butterflies and flowers in different colors, including red, orange, yellow, green
Garden Party
Garden Party | Trends and Traditions
a close up of a pillow on a bed with bugs and flowers embroidered on it
Allemaal kleurtjes...... All colors.......
Appliqueren is zo leuk! Al die kleurtjes bij elkaar; het blijft me altijd verrassen. Je kunt wel een idee hebben van tevoren, maar ...
a blue and white quilted with flowers on it's side, in the shape of a flower
a purple quilt with pink, blue and orange flowers is on the ground next to a bench
いいね!100件、コメント2件 ― 島田桃子さん(@love.hawaiianquilt.mana)のInstagramアカウント: 「一次審査通過 Aloha nui loa 〜たくさんの愛を込めて〜 #ハワイアンキルト教室 #ハワイアンキルト #ハワイ #島田桃子オリジナルデザイン #Aloha nui loa」
a birthday card with an image of a colorful flower on it's front and the words happy birthday
pink flowers are embroidered on the side of a quilt
Quilt bag - Japanese patchwork
Ulla's Quilt World: Quilt bag - Japanese patchwork
four pieces of paper with flowers on them sitting on a table next to plastic bags
イメージ 4
a close up of a flowered bedspread on a bed
a pink blanket with white flowers on it and the words hawaiian quilt written in large letters
@moanalani_naluのInstagram写真をチェック • いいね!145件
a piece of paper with a bird on it and some leaves in the middle of it
Looky what I found........
So cute! like the background #quilting too