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three clear dices sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other and one is filled with glitter
Raw, unnamed 8-piece artisan dice set Happy Monday! We're prepping for our next comic con event and have a massive sanding backlog. Check out this pretty raw set, full of copper foils, glitters, and color-shifting micas. 😍 Color profile: transparent resin encasing pink/blue micas. Ghost violet and blue micas. Copper foils, pink/gold foils, and a tad bit of white/black opaque blended in. Raw (needs sanding, polishing, and inking). What would you name this set? 🤔 . . . #dnd #dice #foundfam...
two cubes sitting on top of a black surface next to each other with flowers painted on them
Glass Cubes by Farid Ghanbari A.K.A Render Burger
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an abstract background with different colored balls and the words material stacking above it in white, blue, pink, and green
Redshift Material Stacking - Cinema 4D
Future Florals by GRIF studio
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Synthetic Art Series I by Mario Tran Phuc
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a bunch of flowers that are floating in the air with bubbles around them on a pink background
WOW + Domestika
WOW + Domestika on Behance
an image of a futuristic city surrounded by mountains and clouds in the background is a circular object that appears to be floating on water
Mike Winkelmann
a woman is standing in the water with her head submerged
an artistic painting with flowing pink and purple fabric in front of a white columned building
a woman is sitting in the middle of a body of water with two circles around her
Nymph on Behance
a painting of a woman standing in front of a gazebo surrounded by pink trees
a painting of a man in a boat on a lake surrounded by flowers and trees
The Wind In The Willows