Click for more cute animals! | Whimsical Layered Paper Cut Animal Illustrations by Vaclav Bicha #paperart

larger cutouts, layering effects, simpler, less intricate, but still very cute and clean and well done.

Sheeps under apple tree in mountains. €30,00, via Etsy.

Handmade papercut artworks, primary considered as a decoration to the children room.

3d Diorama Paper Art Circling Fish by POWpaper on Etsy More

Circling Fish, diorama, by Eric Pow - POWpaper (Etsy). Simple with a real sense of movement.

9x9 glass framed original art. Diorama styled or 2d papercuts layered with paper to make 3d. The shapes are hand cut and then glued together. The image is of a mountain with the hills leading up to it in shades of red and oranges. Its like looking at a mountain thats covered in trees and other plants. No actual mountains were deliberately depicted in the making of this art piece. Picture taken without glass to reduce glare. Product comes glass framed.

Intricate Cut Paper Shapes Produce Dramatic Dioramas Eric Pow of POWpaper creates a strong visual impact with his colorful paper craft. Cutting pieces in sections, he layers the compositional.

Jeff Nishinaka, combinando la escultura y el papel

Jeff Nishinaka, combinando escultura y papel

Love the creative use of the wave! Jeff Nishinaka, combinando la escultura y el papel

Unique Paper Sculptures by Anastassia Elias | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration

I love toilet paper rolls. Yes, toilet paper rolls are definitely under appreciated. Each toilet paper roll is the same – they are cylindrical in shape, short and made of thin cardboard. I find them inspirational in a crafty sort […]