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Perfect for bunny rabbits, they could have levels inside the coop too. This is a nice, simple coop! With the extra land we've gained, I think we are tempted to get some chickens.

Beautiful Backlit Pallet Wall Art! Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

I take used but beautiful pallets and turn them into the wall hanging art with multiple paints and stains and feature center cut out designs and then finish with LED accent lighting.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten, Brooklyn on Behance

This much tile is expensive, and the sinks don't seem sanitary to me, but I do like the feel of it. Radegast Hall & Biergarten, Brooklyn on Behance

Galeria de MazelTov - 18Font / Studio Arkitekter - 5

Mazel Tov is an open-minded place, a gastro-cultural venue where Middle-Eastern food can continue its cultural assault in the spirit of acceptance and togetherness.