Yakup Ağdaşan

Yakup Ağdaşan

Yakup Ağdaşan
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You would have to anchor the chair and table down, so that it didn't mess up the design. Very creative.

wall floor feature Somos Fos - a vibrant installation designed for a vegan restaurant in Madrid. Such a fantastic idea. Painting yellow the area that looks like its the light

Grilled Chicken italia Roll ups #Food #Drink #Trusper #Tip

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Italiano -delicious barbecue recipe for summer grilling!

. The Paleo Diet Recipes Cookbook #Paleo_Diet_Recipes…

Substitute a steak spice for the brown sugar. Wrap up your garden peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic, and mushrooms in steak! Paleo without brown sugar

Seafood tower!

jpg picture by TXT_photos - Photobucket

Great idea

Make a Brick Succulent Planter/Candle Holder miniature gardens. Easy and even more Charming if you grow Moss over the Bricks Perfect for outdoor Altars and Fairy Gardens

Wow this would have so come in handy when I was a bartender/server I could not carry martinis/cosmos etc for saving my life without some of it spilling out

wood craft ideas for kids and adults. Put this on a stand and it would be perfect for the garden - Craft Wood Shack

Homemade Grill Table 10 Easy DIY designs | EASY DIY and CRAFTS

Build to fit any grill - Homemade Grill Table 10 Easy DIY designs

A Grill/Fire Pit/Party Table, all in one!

Amazing Jag Grill BBQ Table- so awesome for korean bbq!

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