Yagiz Buran

Yagiz Buran

Yagiz Buran
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altiView2 for SkyLife

Foregoing typical TV services, which often neglect user pattern, altiView is designed to provide high quality experience for users tailored to individual.

Lumi by Matt Fouty, interesting way of showing a show that has several episodes -- (aislynn: chose this one because of transparency overlay. might be nice as a bit thinner and less obtrusive)

This movie presents altiView which alleviate existing TV service pain points to lessen TV being replaced by PC, Mobile Device, OTT box etc.


TV — is movie library and interactive TV service. In this case you can learn interface for Smart TV and old TV Sets. The result of 4 months of hard working. Meet UI/UX for mobile and web application OLL.TV soon ;

Boxfish raises new funding and pivots from second screen to operator integration into the cable boxes to power discovery and DVR ad delivery.

Boxfish is one of many startups that have popped up over the last several years to help TV viewers better find shows that they'd like to watch.