if it looks like it might rain on your wedding this would make a great pic idea!

52 Date Ideas (fun, inexpensive, and creative)

I like this picture because you can see the peoples feet in the rain, but you can't see their whole body. You can see there whole body and what they are doing in the reflection on the ground, because of the rain.

Perfectly timed photos

These are hilarious. The last is kinda gruesome. But still hilarious >> but it's so PERFECTLY TIMED.


I love Leica. I want Leica. I need a better paying job to afford Leica.

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30 Brilliant Ways To Hack Your Booze

Use a rake to cheaply and easily store wine glasses. I would like to hang wine glasses; stylish solution, but I'm not having more than 1 rake in my kitchen.

Black White

Boys will be boys and she is just being curious. :) Kids make me smile.so innocent and honest~

Alexander McQueen Quotes

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