Yasemin Değerliyurt

Yasemin Değerliyurt

Yasemin Değerliyurt
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I really want to right a werewolf pack story on Wattpad, but I think it'd be really cool if it was written in different perspective and each perspective is a different writer. Does anybody want to write this with me?

What are wolves? What do wolves look like? Where do wolves live? What do wolves eat? How do wolves live together? How do wolves communicate? When are the puppies born? How are wolves different from…

When it comes to intelligence, social behavior and communications, some researchers say dolphins come as close to humans as our ape and monkey cousins.

Thanks for all the fish: Bottlenose dolphins are born to be intelligent - and share many of the genes that make them brainy with us

Dolphins - Stop the Dolphin and Orca Slaughter NOW

Dolphins - Stop the dolphin and orca Slaughter NOW - Stop visiting parks like Sea World and others, who get their dolphins and orca from the people who commit that slaughter during the Taiji dolphin drive/hunt. Watch "The Cove".

Oh my goodness isn't this the sweetest thing! Baby dolphin during pregnancy!!

I WANT A DOLPHIN! "This amazing photo of an embryonic dolphin was taken using a combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras. (image from the National Geographic Documentary “Extraordinary Animals in the Womb”)"