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Yasemin Çiçek

Yasemin Çiçek
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What a good hair day for Pasta! Packaging Designer: Nikita (Russia) - http://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/03/good-hair-day-pasta-concept.html

Pasta Packaging Concept - This caught my eye, because of how unusual it is. I found it odd the they made so the pasta creates the hair of the women on the boxes. It& creative and a neat idea, but i& not sure it would actually work.

Advertising inspiration, pasta fireworks by Barilla. Simple but effective!

This New year ad for the pasta brand Barilla is really interesting. Having the spaghetti coming out of the page, exploding like a firework is definitely a new approach to a pasta ad.

Food prep Sundays - clean eating, meal prep

"Food prep Sundays - clean eating, meal prep by consuelo " I'm not really trying to "eat clean" just to eat more servings of vegetables each day