Koprulu Kanyon - Antalya / Turkey

Travel Memory Koprulu Kanyon - Antalya, Turkey Turkey looking ON POINT right about meow


Cappadocia, Turkey - Located in the central part of Turkey, Cappadocia is a stunning part of the world and is known for the many houses that are built into the mountains and land, which were inhabited by Cappadocian’s for centuries.

NASA image of the Bosphorus and amazing Istanbul

2014 -- Istanbul, Turkey EUROPE is on the left. ASIA is on the right. In the middle is the famous Bosporus.


A view from inside the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey. Such an amazing place. Traveled to Turkey in

Cappadocia, Turkey-great place for a hot air balloon

So they have carved-out cave dwellings AND hot air balloons in Cappadocia? I want to go!