Cilveli Kahve - Manisa  Turkish Coffee w Almond Bits

Cilveli Kahve - Manisa Turkish Coffee topped with smashed almond

Ottoman style house Safranbolu, Turkey

Ottoman style houses of Safranbolu, Turkey. Safranbolu's architecture influenced urban development throughout much of the Ottoman Empire and was a major centre of the saffron Trade. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Izmir, Turkey

Izmir, Turkey - We saw this statue when we were there a few years ago, with family, visiting Ephesus.

Izmir Söğüş. Does it look good? Would you try it? Find out what's in it before you answer that question. ;)

Izmir Söğüş - Turkish Street Food

Turkish Street Food - Izmir Söğüş Sheep tounge, cheek, and brain

Gymnasium, Sardes Ancient City, Salihli Town, Manisa Province, Aegean Region, Turkiye

Sardes Ancient City in Salihli - Manisa, Turkey