Beautiful Nasheeds which are million times better than a Song because it reminds u of your Lord with its heart touching & beautiful Lyrics which makes u Happy :)
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Rahman Ya Rahman by Rashid Mishary Al Afasy

رحمن رحمن - مشاري راشد العفاسي Mishari Rashid Al Afasy - Rahman. Mishary Alafasy is recognized for his unique voice and style of recitation of the Qur'an. Many reciters have come to imitate his mode of recitation.

Allahu (Heart Touching Nasheed) lyrics are in different different languages

This is a beautiful nasheed called Allahu. It is sung in English, Arabic, Urdu, German, Bangla and French. It has subtitles and there is no music.

Amazing Nasheed - Enti Malak by Muhammad Al Omary

Enti Malak- Amazing Nasheed ᴴᴰ w/english translation. I love this nasheed so much!

Anti Malak Humminng Nasheed. This tone is beautiful & My all time favourite also

This tone is beautiful & My all time favourite also

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