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two metal baskets filled with fruit on top of a wall
Fruteira de parede
Depois de tanto me inspirar no Pinterest, fiz minha tão sonhada fruteira de parede com cestos aramados.
how to make flowers out of wrapping paper with scissors and twine on the end
WOW, These DIY Mini-Floral Bouquets Are The Absolute Cutest!
Confectionnée par Brin d'ambiance boutique Décor Crafts, Diy Déco, Boho Diy, Decor Crafts, Diy Boho Decor, Knutselen, Wreath Decor, Corona
Couronne de fleurs séchées
an open book with arabic writing on the pages and in front of it is a tree
an olive oil bottle and two green olives - food objects
Olive Oil in a Jar.
the steps to make a basket out of twine and rope are shown in several different ways
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