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sustainable packaging, made from elephant grass, locally grown in The Netherlands Packaging, Print, Organic, Biodiversity, Water Quality, Soil Improvement
Sustainable packaging
No fertilizers and pesticides are required during the growth of elephant grass, which contribute to soil improvement and deterioration of air and water quality. The soil where Elephant grass has grown, comes back to life. It restores the health of the soil and promotes biodiversity above the ground. The production takes place in The Netherlands and this whole production process has a small carbon foot print.
an open book with drawings of apples and leaves on the pages, next to a bottle of lotion
LIV Botanics — Giada Tamborrino Studio - Elevated design for brands with purpose.
a white napkin with a brown ribbon tied around it on top of a white surface
Custodie per accessori: packaging accessori moda - Tomasi Master
the anatomy of a wigganne mask with flowers on it and labels describing how to use
Anatomy of a Migraine Mask
Gifts, Austin Tx, A Style, Handmade, Artesanato, Couture Facile
a tube of tanning lotion sitting on top of a pink sheeted bed
Portfolio Tono & Co.
Paper Tube Co. | Portfolio | Tono & Co.
Leo Washed Cotton Stripes
four pillows are lined up against the wall and one is folded in two different colors
Bouchara - ambiance linge de lit
three different types of wallets sitting on top of a white and pink surface with circles around them