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a white cat laying on top of a bed with its paws over it's head
a cartoon depicting two men pointing at something in the sky and one saying, bak surdan - kiri git
Organize İşler - -25-
a drawing of a blue monster holding a sign that says hay azini o'eyim
Shiplendin Koçum!℘Texting✓
an image of a cartoon character holding a coffee cup with the words guna d 'nnn on it
two cartoon characters in bed with the caption'kiki kisi mammal baksup guluyora '
Creepypasta Tepki
a child's drawing with the words coming soon on it
markson'sapp - ~7~
some stickers that have been drawn to look like people with different expressions on them
GIYBET ||Texting
a drawing of a person holding a sign that says tebriker canni skiin
Şerefsiz || Anonim (TAMAMLANMIŞTIR)