hahaha, awesome

No more trash on the streets…

This is totally awesome. The best way to keep the streets clean - garbage basketball.

this should not be funny

Not enough space…

A Titanic Tragedy - Kate Winslet could've made room for Leonardo DiCaprio. "I'll never let go, Jack!" 3 seconds later, Rose lets go.

Whoever this sports fan is :)))

Basketball Fan Distracts Player: This might very well be the most epic fan distraction ever in basketball. The fan in the bleachers is holding up a giant sign w

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 91 Pics

How I feel leaving work every Friday. Actually, this is how I feel going to work on Monday. Weekends w small kids are more work.

Alexey Menschikov is an artist and photographer from Russia. His street art style is simple and funny, incorporating elements like pipes, cracks in the sidewalk and also, a lot of drawing often inspired by cartoon and pop culture characters.

Last five minutes of exam

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Can't even tell

KFC witness protection program - Funny chicken walking on stilts among flamingos.

Well, at least he tried..

Well, at least he tried..

Funny pictures about I fixed the headlight. Oh, and cool pics about I fixed the headlight. Also, I fixed the headlight.

wuhuuuu :)

magicalnaturetour: “ Photo by Лена ~ Sweet Dreams beautiful friends ♥ ”



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