A mansion in Istanbul, Turkey

House on the Bosphoros, Istanbul, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Read More About Cappadocia, Turkey . I believe the people living in these at the end of the last ice age survived the monster flare that took thousand years ago. It destroyed of species.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul - Turkey *Lol, this is not the Blue Mosque. It's Sabanci Merkez Camii in Adana - Turkey.

Stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey >>> This place looks awesome. Def. going to stay here when I return to Turkey.

Stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey ~ so many places to see in this world. I read that this cave hotel feels spiritual.

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul, Turkey

Hagia Sophia - Was a Greek orthodox Christian Patriarchal basilica (church), later an imperial mosque, and how a museum (Ayasofya Müzesi) in Istanbul, Turkey.

Galata Tower, Istanbul

The Galata Tower, a medieval stone tower in the Galata/Karaköy quarter of Istanbul, Turkey,

Cappadoce, Turquie

Gamirasu Cave Hotel built into volcanic rock, Cappadocia, Turkey. So very serene and looking out on the plains of cappadocia while having breakfast is the best start to a day

Ortaköy Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

Ortakoy Mosque, Istanbul Turkey Beautiful architecture and colors.

Cappadocia Turkey. Magical place.

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Istanbul - hagia sophia - ayasofya #Istanbul #Turkey #Türkiye

The Islamic decoration on the domes of the interior of Hagia Sophia ( Ayasofya ) , Istanbul, Turkey

The Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Galata Tower - Istanbul, Turkey.


Old and Renovated House at Kuzguncuk, Uskudar (Scutari) in Istanbul.

#istanbul. "Bana yaşadığın şehrin kapılarını aç. Başka şehirleri özleyelim orada seninle. Bu evler, bu sokaklar, bu meydanlar ikimize yetmez…"Özdemir Asaf

Everything, from nothing: Allah Most High and Powerful

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul

10 important Turkish words and phrases that will help you better connect with the local people in Turkey

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Worlds Most Beautiful Clock Towers: Izmir, Turkey

Worlds Most Beautiful Clock Towers: Izmir, Turkey fed the birds here!