Mexican tile island

Mexican tile island and prep table. Tile conserves resources, ie hardwoods to make butcher block top, or marble to make top. One layer of inch marine plywood bonded to one layer of cement board to make a solid base for the tile.

Marbled marvels (House and Garden)

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İznik ceramic

Dish with Kaleidoscope Design, Turkey, Iznik, Ottoman Period, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Turkish Tiles, Turkish Art, Ceramic Painting, Silk Painting, Tile Art, Tile Patterns, Islamic Motifs, Islamic Art, Easy Drawings

Tile Spandrel with Floral Sprays, c. 1570-1575 Turkey, Iznik, Ottoman Period, 16th century

Tile Spandrel with Floral Sprays, c. Turkey, Iznik, Ottoman Period, century Fritware with red slip and underglaze-painted design

Very well kept Entari,Notice the extra long sleeves (Pharyah)

This is lovely! I think it's a slightly out of period example but very little changed in fashion within the ottoman empire. I can work with this.