Miss Kindergarten: My First Day of School Craft!

My First Day of School Craft!

Miss Kindergarten: My First Day of School Craft! Good for parent memory book. Can include work and photo. Give at open house would love to do this with their first day of school picture on the inside.

want to do

hanger birdcage probably all different types of things to make besides a bird cage. Or to do to the birdcage to make into different things too

Secure heavy pieces of furniture to the wall with anti-tip furniture straps in case your little one decides to start climbing.

Whimsical Bedrooms for Toddlers

Decorating ideas for kids room. Polka Dot rugs in complimentary colors throughout bedroom or playroom.

How To Decorate School Hallway For Christmas

how to decorate school hallway for christmas, School hallways christmas decorating contest hall and then some of the highlights Paper christmas tree polar express hallway decorations