Matrakçı_Nasuh_Soltaniyeh_Map_720  creation of games with cudgels, Matrakçı Nasuh was also famous as a technician. The most well-known episode of his engineering talent occurred during the circumcision ceremonies of Süleyman’s sons, Mehmed and Selim, when he famously constructed two moving citadels out of paper from which soldiers emerged and staged a battle, as part of the public spectacle and celebration in the Istanbul hippodrome

Matrakçı Nasuh-Map of Soltaniyeh-Beyan-i Menazil-i Sefer-i Irakeyn-i Sultan Suleyman, written circa (Istanbul University Library)

Siege of Temesvár (1552 CE) (Hünernâme (1588 CE Ottoman Miniature Painting) -Seyyid Lokman) | Sipahi (Ottoman Turk Cavalry (On Foot, Armored)), Silahtar (Emperor Bodyguard (Red Cap)), Deli (Ottoman Hungarian Irregular Cavalry (Spearing))

Siege of Temesvár CE) (Hünernâme CE Ottoman Miniature Painting) -Seyyid Lokman)

2918020kiz_kulesi_minyatur_b2.jpg (JPEG resmi, 600 × 800 piksel)

2918020kiz_kulesi_minyatur_b2.jpg (JPEG resmi, 600 × 800 piksel)

Suleiman the Magnificent receives an Ambassador-by Matrakci Nasuh - Suleiman the Magnificent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Suleiman the Law Giver/the Magnificent Receives Safavid Ambassador (Süleymanname Century CE Ottoman Miniature Painting) -Matrakçı Nasuh)

Miniature depicting Suleiman marching with an army in Nakhchivan, summer 1554

Caliph Suleiman the Law Giver/the Magnificent During the Campaign on Nachivan, South Caucasus CE) (Süleymanname (ca.