granny square

Amazing crochet square - link to pattern in commentschrome-extension://ohhcpmplhhiiaoiddkfboafbhiknefdf/TMToolbar/image/tooltip/webicon_green.

TOO. Cute. pencil scarf

Lambswool Green Pencil Scarf I have designed and knitted this scarf using lambswool, so it is lovely and soft. The pencil is a beautiful rich green colour. A fun scarf to keep you cosy! Please note: This scarf is knitted to order so please do allo.

örgü atkı

Small knit scarf held by big buttons. Could also add buttons to a longer scarf. Fall makes me want to knit.

Granny squares!

Start a ripple afghan with a granny square border. Or finish a granny square afghan with a ripple border and maybe some tassles or bobbles for fun!

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Be My Baby knit sleeves wrap with cowl neck // Wool and the Gang, DIY knit kits available The wool clothing.

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