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This part was epic and it took all my willpower not to scream

"Reyna had always thought of Jason Grace as the all-American boy. Thalia looked more like the girl who robbed all-American boys at knife point in an alley (Blood of Olympus).

more big sister Thalia forever and always amen - by Minuiko

more big sister Thalia forever and always amen - by Minuiko ---this is so cute. Man some people need to re-read the books (I just finished) if you pay attention, Jason actually cares. Quite a bit about piper.

Rachel Elizabeth Dare

“I accept this role. I pledge myself to Apollo, God of oracles. I open my eyes to the future and embrace the past. I accept the spirit of Delphi. Seer of fate" (The Last Olympian). Art by cherryandsisters.

There are tons of great versions of Rachel Dare but I have to say, Andy's is my favorite

This picture represents Rachel Dare, a good friend of Percy's. Although she is not a half-blood she is special in a different way. She can see through the mist. The mist is the barrier that prevents the humans from seeing mobsters and half-bloods.


HoO - Octavian x Rachel Elizabeth Dare - Octachel

Percy Jackson characters - Silena Beauregard; Nico Di Angelo; Zoë Nightshade; Calypso; Rachel Dare; Clarisse La Rue. [x]

Silena Beauregard (Daughter of Aphrodite); Nico Di Angelo (Son of Hades); Zoë Nightshade (Daughter of Atlas); Calypso (Daughter of Atlas and Tethys); Clarisse La Rue (Daughter of Ares).