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Zeynep Gökçe

Zeynep Gökçe
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Soooooo Azalia when she's crazy

character idea *i feel like this is what i'm going to look like later, because she looks so tired and done and i can just relate to that right now*

Head Hunter by UrsulaDecay on @DeviantArt

Another commission for Tobey of Mojave Phone Booth and Snake River Conspiracy! This time as a badass warrior! The head pieces was modeled after one made by Chellsie

Spike - Fukari

meanwhile me… I’ve just seen amazing cartoon style pictures. doesn’t matter what I’m drawing it’s always that fucking.

modern princess me by Fukari on DeviantArt

comic strip which explains what happend last Sunday. I had a longboard accident and almost broke my feet. but I wanted to be brave and pretended that naaah, everything is fine, let's go sleep.