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a woman standing in front of a red book shelf
Huron University
Donor recognition at Huron University in London, ON.
a large red and white sign on the side of a wall in an office building
BIG LOTS! GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS — TENFOLD® | Building Brands Through Culture
letters that spell out the word ad and are in front of a building with flowers on it
15 Colorful Ideas for a Design-Forward Convention
Agnes And Dora South Towne Expo0149Cms1
a row of white partitions with the words together on them in green lettering that says together
Wooden slats with direct print on both sides and on background that they are attached onto. Workplace artwork. #customfabrication #office #officelife #graphics #wood #directprint #fabrication #workplace #workplacedesign #design
the google logo made out of legos is displayed in front of a white wall
Google - Kedar Designs
Google | Kedar Designs
there is a large colorful sculpture on the side of the road that says go get emo
Cozumel estrena Letras Monumentales - Trayectos Holiday | Royal Holiday
a sign that is sitting on the side of a building
Park Wayfinding Graphics and Placemaking Design
there is a large sign that says have arresun
Large outdoor letters
a large colorful sculpture sitting on top of a white pedestal
a tall red and white sign sitting on top of a cement slab