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this is an image of a poster for the language spoken in jamaica, with words and symbols on it
You know you're a Londoner when...
aishaandozzy: “ pizzi: “ Jamaican Patois 101, lol ” Lool majority of British slang is made up from patois! ” Here we see an the DNA of London slang
Love, Love Quotes, Bff, Love You, Real Quotes, Love You More, Real, Pretty Quotes, Relationship
75 different ways to say I Love you
the list of strengths for women in blue and white, with words above them
The Ultimate Guide of Becoming More Aware of your Strengths and Weaknesses - ProjectGirl2Woman
a poster with words that describe cooking items
Glossary of Cooking Terms - Learn English Grammar - StudyPK
two posters with different types of medical diagrams on the front and back of each poster
Permacharts Nursing, BSN, Registered Nursing Year 1 Curriculum Essential Quick Reference Guides - 20 Chart Bundle Medical Nursing Charts Bundle
PRICES MAY VARY. 16 laminated medical charts on these topics; Human Skeletal System, Circulatory System, Muscular System, Nervous System, Multicellular Biology, Cardiorespiratory System, Spinal Cord, Nursing I and II, Foot & Ankle, Human Hand Chart and Nutritional Guide 4 laminated pocket-size charts covering; Medicine Drip Rates I & II, Pediatric Care Guide I & II 4 laminated interpersonal and professional development curriculum charts; Dealing with Difficult People, Conflict Resolution, Stress
Mendelian Inheritance: Mendelism or Mendelian Genetics
Mendelian Inheritance: Mendelism or Mendelian Genetics
three different colored banners with the same price for each item in russian and english language
Inversion after Neither and Nor Kate, Speak French, Helen, The Verb, English Phrases, Speak Spanish, Clause
Inversion after Neither and Nor