Yusuf Sargın

Yusuf Sargın

Yusuf Sargın
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How much would I love to see a Marvel Civil War movie? So much. So very, very much.

It's official, Captain America 3 will be about Civil War.<-- SO EXCITED Defiantly on Captain America's Side!<--- I'm on Iron Man's side.

Romanogers Fanart

Perfection Inc — More Romanogers fan art. I realized I always draw.

Image from http://33.media.tumblr.com/e21a7d2c6b827d66b8a8b078db1fd3e6/tumblr_inline_na6evjEQO41riofkk.png.

I'm pinning this not because I ship them but just to say, why are her curves SO curvy?