Turkish Miniature Painting. "The Sultans watching dancers and comedians in the Hippodrome" (1703-30)

From the 1720 Surname-i Vehbi by Levni, who died in The dancers in the long skirts are köçek, young males, whose entaris are tucked into their skirts.

Kanuni, Şehzade Bayezid ve Cihangir'in sünnet düğününde. Arifî, Süleymannâme, 1558. TSMK H 1517, y. 412a. Has-bağçede Ayş u Tarab, Halil İnalcık, YKY, Sayfa 194.

Sultan Suleiman I receives his Grand Admiral,Hayreddin Barbarossa.Ottoman miniature painting from the Süleymanname.

Suleiman the Magnificent receives an Ambassador-by Matrakci Nasuh - Suleiman the Magnificent - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Suleiman the Law Giver/the Magnificent Receives Safavid Ambassador (Süleymanname Century CE Ottoman Miniature Painting) -Matrakçı Nasuh)

Manuscript of hunername accession of Mehmed the Conqueror in Edirne, Ottoman…

Accession of Sultan Mehmed II the Conqueror in Edirne (Ottoman Empire) (Hunername CE Ottoman Miniature Painting))


Yusef and Zuleykha (detail) - Kamal ud-Din Behzad - - Timurid Period miniature, 1488

Sazende by Abdullah Buhari, 18th century, Istanbul University Library

Sazende by Abdullah Buhari, century, Istanbul University Library

Topkapı Sarayı-Bab-I Hümayun, Şehinşehname-Nakkaş Osman

Bab-I Hümayun, Şehinşehname'den, Nakkaş Osman, ༺✿༻Minyatür Sanatı