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The power of contouring makeup

The power of highlight and contour. power of makeup.and if you can do makeup, consider yourself an artist, you don't have to be good with pencil/pen and is an art in itself

Contour makeup

How to correct face shape with makeup. My biggest pet peeve is all of the "contour guides" out there right now that ALL show the exact same contour placement! Not all faces are shaped the same so not all contouring should be done the same!

the magic of makeup & contouring

the magic of makeup & contouring! I want my make up done like this one day so I can see if I look completely different like that!


Smokey Eyes Wedding Makeup & Bridal Makeup Tipsm,Do you like the ideas above will smoky eye makeup for Asian brides? We are waiting for your sweet comments

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Contouring: The power of contouring makeup. Like a few state: to much make-up but gives you an idea of where to and how to.

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