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growing tomatoes

Tomato growing tips: "water consistently at the same time every day." - hardware cloth for critter problems - epsom salts - banana peels -marigolds - a lot of miracle grow - eggshells and/or powdered milk for calcium

Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips

Hang brightly-coloured ornaments - such as red Christmas baubles - on tomato plants early in the season. They will frighten birds away and so stop them from pecking holes in the fruits.

Grow Tomatoes

10 Steps to Get Pounds of Tomatoes from Every Plant You Grow. Revealed: The Secret to Growing Juicy, Tasty, High-Yield Tomatoes - Garden Zine

How the TomTato is Made

Tomatoes and potatoes can be grafted together because they are members of the same plant family. Called the TomTato, each plant can yield more than 500 sweet cherry tomatoes as well as a decent crop of white potatoes.

How to propagate rosemary and lavender

How to propagate rosemary- works for lavender too. Harris take that lavender i gave you and propagate it. I'll propagate rosemary for you!