have to translate it from Russian but it's a great tutorial on how to measure and sew draping of all shapes and styles.

Russian sewing site for drapes, but good ideas for bustles and additions to skirts.


A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Knee-Length Cascading Ruffles Zipper Up Cap Straps Sleeveless No Dark Navy Spring Summer Fall Winter General Plus Satin US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32 Bridesmaid Dress

Tunik (İcLaL)

Without the headcovering and the heavy goldchain it is a really nice light spring coat.

DIY Skater Skirt

I'm going to do this for a tree skirt.DIY Skater Skirt for if I ever get a sewing machine or even know how to sew

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www.nilgunozenaydin.com-dikiş teknikleri-etek dikimi-etek modelleri-etek nasıl dikilir?

cutting a circle skirtl into degrees shapes the folds of the skirt. a skirt cut in sections to make one or more circles with a hole for the waist, so the skirt is very full but hangs smoothly from the waist without darts, pleats, or gathers