вяжем детям

Holy Crap this is beautiful! Russian site but HAVE to copy this for someone's little one or maybe an AG doll!

вязание крючком

Vestido branco com uma rosa em seu cinto. / Белое платье с розой на поясе. / White dress with a rose on his belt. [ "nice dresses for girls", "The crochet pattern for the skirt. throw a pineapple in there and you

Tig isi yelek

This vest made with crochet can be a really nice model for ladies. You can examine it in detail from the picture, you can make yourself a vest.

детские вязаные вещи

Детская жилетка- для начинающих мастериц: Дневник группы "Вязание" - Страна Мам

Granny Square With a Flower, free pattern. I used this pattern for 1 block in my "study of fiber and fleece" afghan. I blocked it to a square, and it's quite lovely!

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