Yusuf Doğru
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Creative tattoo by Inez Janiak.

Creative tattoo by Inez Janiak. I would change it up a little by having the girl reaching up to cut the strings and have the words don't be a puppet underneath her

Sakura 桜 is the Japanese word for Cherry blossom. They are most certainly one of the most beautiful tree blossoms in Spring ever. In Japan they have oceans of Sakura at the moment!

in the town where I grew up, there is a very long avenue where cherry and plum trees bloom in spring, filling everything with pink petals


"I am a warrior, love this samurai warrior tattoo". Unique awesome amazing hyper realism realistic tattoo tattoos body art cool Bio-mechanical Biomechanical greyscale beautiful male guy full arm back chest sleeve warrior

I've been climbing stairs Tracy chapman

Tick tock goes the clock And what now shall we play ? Tick tock goes the clock Now summer’s gone away ? Tick tock goes the clock And what then shall we see ? Tick tock until the day That thou shalt marry me

Not a big fan of Elephants tattoos but great colour and texture. By Ondrash

Check out some adorable, colorful Tattoos Inspired by Watercolor-Art from Czech Fashion Designer & Tattoo-Artist Ondrej Konupcik aka ONDRASH. More on whudat