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a field with blue flowers in it and the words yes rocher written on it
Chamomile & Cornflower
Do you know why our products made with plants from La Gacilly are as gentle and as effective? We are taking you on a walk through our fields to learn about our flowers and our experts.
a bucket filled with lots of nuts next to a wooden spoon
Shea Butter
Shea butter is a highly appreciated botanical extract at Yves Rocher: discover all about its virtues and origin.
water drops on the leaves of a green plant with blue sky in the back ground
Spotlight on a plant with wonderful moisturizing powers: Edulis. Discover this extract at the heart of our Hydra Végétal, deodorant and complexion makeup lines.
an open container filled with lots of orange flowers
Discovering a skin beneficial plant with beautiful orange flowers
Infinitely small, yet capable of so much.
Infinitely small, yet capable of so much.