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Minimal, sophisticated and elegant monogram logo design for Anna González Beauty
A Multidisciplinary Design Studio that specializes in Brand Identity Design, Packaging and Creative Direction for soulful interior, architecture, fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle brands. | brand identity design, branding, brand designer, visual identity, branding design, brand inspiration, brand photo, brand photoshoot, web de swing, web development, web designer, minimal style, minimal photography, brand designer, web inspiration, identidad de marca, identidad visual, logo, logotipo, diseño logo, diseño logos, packaging |
a white gift box sitting on top of a bed
Elegant and dreamy Arabic logo for Royal Relics by Miriam Escudero Studio
Miriam Escudero Studio | branding and web | unique and minimalistic designs. We create timeless brand identities for elegant and modern brands. Minimal design for soulful brands. Graphic designers Follow @miriamescuderostudio on Instagram for INSPIRATION. branding, branding inspo, business card, branding design logo, branding design inspiration, corporate design, web design, web design inspiration, web design trends, website design, website design inspiration, website, social media, social media design, aesthetic, Female entrepreneurs, woman owned business, business community, women supporting women, content strategies, business tips, marketing strategies⁠ #design #instagramfeeddesign #branddesign #webdesign #branding #brandingdesign #minimaldesign
the front and back cover of a wine bottle with two different logos on each side
Conception identité visuelle | Déclinaisons logos pour photographe de mariage haut de gamme
Création d'une déclinaison de logos type armoire/blason pour un photographe de mariage haut de gamme ! Logo avec illustration | submark logo pour photographe haut de gamme | wedding photographer logo | design logo typographique | logo élégant | logo raffiné | logo avec monogramme | identité de marque haut de gamme | luxury wedding photographer logo | logo blason
the logo for lily and ivy
Introducing Lily & Jade, a romantic and natural semi-personalized brand. It’s crafted for those starting their business, on a tight budget, and simply needing assistance to establish themselves. #brandidentity #branddesign #graphicdesign
some business cards and envelopes with gold foil on them, all in different colors
Zurayba Arabian/Middle Eastern Jewellery Branding By ShiriStudio
some type of menu with different designs on it
three different views of the same shirt and hat, one in green with white trim
Elegant ethnic coffee shop branding design
design, drink, ethnic, cafe, cup, menu, coffee, restaurant, cappuccino, dessert, shop, tea, bar, background, template, espresso, express, arabic, grain, header, italian, italy, mocha, pause, plate, service, aroma, kitchen, cover, breakfast, columbia, backdrop, bean, beverage, blend, brand, brazil, break, black, business, caffee, caffeine, caffè, chocolate, coffe, coffey, caff, colors, fold, mayan
some stickers that are on the side of a table with food and drinks in them
Its Saudi coffee Digital Stickers - World of Wonders's Ko-fi Shop
the logo is designed to look like an art nouveau
Delah coffee logo
#coffee #brand #logo
the branding and packaging design for coffee beans is laid out on a table with cups, saucers, spoons and paper bags
the packaging design for jojod coffee
there are many bags in front of the wall with signs on them that say y'cafe and macaron