different joining stitches in crochet!

Crochet Different Joining Stitches - Chart ❥ // hf. This is pretty straight forward. No need for a pattern.

Laço com fita

DIY: How to Tie a Loopy Bow

according to pinner". This is BY FAR the easiest bows to make . Even for a self-proclaimed klutz when it comes to DIY: How to tie bows - How to make a graduated loopy bow - How to make a loopy bow"

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ Texture knitting pattern: just knits and purls ~~

Crochet pattern. Unfortunately no tutorial or link (comes from a closed Russian blog). Beautiful though. Worth trying to make based on the picture pattern.


Perfect timing because I'm suddenly seeing this in recent images. Previous pinner's comment says no destructions are available but if you teach yourself to read these graphics, that's all you need.

. El patrón es, sin duda, hermosa! - Todo en calados ... (ganchillo) - mamá País

крючок безотрывное вязание

The pattern is undoubtedly beautiful! - All in openwork . (crochet) - Country Mom [ " The pattern is undoubtedly beautiful! - All in openwork .", "Knitted with crochet Deniz", "Not in English - needs better directions but it