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a bride and groom embracing each other in an open field
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a woman standing next to a tree in a wedding dress and holding a bridal bouquet
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a bride and groom taking a selfie in the middle of a field with their cell phone
Mermaid Wedding Dress with Rich Beadwork
Courtesy of Essense of Australia wedding dresses;D2607 Boho Wedding Dress with Linear Detail by Essense of Australia
a bride and groom standing in tall grass
Ethereal Spring 2018 Essense of Australia Wedding Dresses - MODwedding
Courtesy of Essense of Australia wedding dresses
a man and woman holding hands in front of a white house on their wedding day
A dreamy style, this soft, boho A-line wedding dress from Martina Liana is the epitome of feminine, bohemian fashion. French lace adorns the bodice of this gown, accentuated perfectly with a V-neckline and shoestring straps.