detail from a silk cover with metallic-wrapped threads. Believed to be 18th century North Indian. Collection of The Textile Museum and included in The Sultan's Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art.

/ detail from a silk cover with metallic-wrapped threads / century north indian / collection of the textile museum / sultan’s garden / the blossoming of ottoman art /

Osman Hamdy-Bey (Osman Hamdy Bey)

Atik Valide Mosque, Uskudar by Osman Hamdy-Bey (Osman Hamdy Bey), Oil on canvas

Al-Baqarah ( 2 - 255 ) ( Ayah Kursi ) by Baraja19 on deviantART

Al-Baqarah ( 2 - 255 ) ( Ayah Kursi ) by on deviantART آية الكرسي

خط عربي | فالله خيرٌ حافظًا وهو أرحم الرحمين

Quran Calligraphy: ["Shall I trust you with him in the same way as I trusted you with his brother before?] [Nay,] but God's guardianship is better [than yours], for He is the most merciful of the merciful!

wasbella102:    Bingata-dyed fabric: detail

bingata-dyed fabrics are characterized by strong distinctive patterns developed under the influence of seafaring trade between china, southeast asia, and japan from the or century. from suntory museum of art.

antique japanese textile swatch book

for pure inspiration, i wanted to share these pictures of an antique japanese textile swatch book.

Japanese Textile Sample Book.

Oxford Asian Textile Group’s first outing of 2011 to see Japanese textiles at the Ashmolean Museum… …huge pattern book, full of all the different stencil patterns that could be printed onto fabric to make into a kimono…”