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a baby's face in a wooden box with the words familiar faces basket and how to make it
Montessori Familiar Faces Basket
Montessori Familiar Faces Basket with a tutorial on how to make these personalized DIY cards #easybabyactivities #activitiesforbabies #playwithbabies
a collage of buttons with the words button sorting cups on them and an image of a
10+ Fun Ways To Teach Your Kids Colors
How exactly do you teach color to kids? Do they learn them naturally or are lessons required? Check out these fun activities to help teach color to kids!
Great Pen Matching Game for Preschoolers and Kindergartner.
This easy Alphabet, Numbers and Letter Soung Matching Game is just perfect for preschooler. Learning the Capital and Lower Case Letter that belong together. Get these printables in color or black and white. #alphabet #learningalphabet #preschool #kindergarten #earlyeducation #playbasedlearning #getcreativwithkids #childrenactivities #toddleractivities #learningwithkids #homeschoolpreschool #preschoolathome #everydayplayhacks #matchinggames #ABCmatching #kidsgames #printable #printablesgame
DIY Filz Activityboard für 2-3 Jährige selbstgemacht
DIY Filz Activityboard für 2-3-Jährige: Das Filz DIY Activityboard ist eine super Beschäftigung für Kleinkinder im Alter von 2 bis 3 Jahren. Es ist super schnell selbstgebastelt und hat einen tollen Lerneffekt, Formen zu entdecken.
Printable Colors Quiet Book
Are your kids ready to practice their colors with our printable colors quiet book? It has 11 basic colors to work through all with fun objects to match with their shadows.