Try doing these easy yoga poses to boost your mood. This workout routine just takes 10-minutes and it's effective.

10-minute yoga sequence you can do anywhere

This yoga sequence will uplift you if you're feeling sluggish or down, and relax you if you're feeling high strung. You can do these anywhere!

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Başparmağınızla yüzük parmağınızı birkaç saniyeliğine böyle esnetin. Sebebini ise çok seveceksiniz!!! - SüPERiLERi

Have you ever thought that your hands can help you reach a state of inner peace? Do you know what “mudras” are? These hand positions play an important role in yoga practices, and some call them “producers of joy.” It’s all about the nerve endings.

Zencefil Çayı Kilo Verdiriyor! #zencefil #zencefilçayı #diyet #zayıflama #kiloverme

Zencefil Çayı Kilo Verdiriyor! #zencefil #zencefilçayı #diyet #zayıflama #kiloverme

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